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Работает: 147 дни (24 Feb 2019)
Минимальный: 20 USD
Реф-программа: 6% - 1% - 1%
Выплаты: Инстант
0 0 1 2 ($400 invested)
Посл. выплата: 4 месяцы ago
Скрипт: GoldCoders - Лицензионный
Планы: 4% Daily For 45 Days (180%), 6% Daily For 25 Days (150%)
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Zion Soil company has been dealing with the extraction of rare earth metals on the market for many years. The team of Zion Soil Corporation Limited employs only specialists who undergo continuous training in leading world companies. Over the years, each employee of our company has become an expert in the field of mining, extraction, processing of rare earth elements. The departments of our company provide not only the listed above high-tech processes, but also the sale of the extracted elements on the world's leading exchanges, where long-standing partnerships allow us to gain significant profits. Investors, who entrusted their funds to us in the past 2018, received a total profit of USD 18,490,000. In the current 2019, our experts predict an increase in profitability by 24%. This is a completely real figure of multiplying profitability, which is caused by already confirmed forecast of growth in prices for rare-earth metals, and which is one of the key components of the development of innovative technologies. Today we are looking for and actively exploring new horizons. Having our own pool of investors interested in cooperation with us, we provide a unique opportunity for a profitable investment for those who would like to receive unprecedented guarantees of profit today. We have at our disposal our own network of laboratories where continuous work is underway to extract rare earth metals with growing value. All types of work are performed only by experts of the international qualification category.

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