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  VXprofit Newsletter 2013-12-27    Dec-27-2013 04:20:15 AM 
Thank you for your dedication and support of VXprofit LTD. VXprofit website has been online for 40 days now. This week we deposit breakthough $800000. VXprofit LTD is the perfect choice for you to make money. We are here to you to help you change your destiny. Merry Christmas. We offer a best affiliate program, 3% referral commissions. We currently operate with these four payment methods: Perfect Money, EgoPay and Payeer. Don\'t forget to join us on Facebook on our official page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/VXProfit/226985740804846 Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/393361740796837/ Thank you, VXprofit LTD https://vxprofit.com
ApexBinary LTD
  NON-TRADING DAYS    Dec-20-2013 05:56:41 AM 
Dear Customers, We would like to inform you that due to the upcoming Christmas holiday on 25 December, the deposits will not carry interest from 25 December to 1 January. Because of the fact that these days are non-trading days. Earnings will resume as usual on 2 January . We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
12 Daily Guaranteed
  newsletter and update from the admin    Dec-19-2013 08:56:13 AM 
thanks for all investors Who are believes in us and help us to grow up and we keep our promise and we will work hard to make all of you happy and we want to inform you that we make a limit for your deposits "no more 25000$" and we will change it soon thank you, Sincerely, Mark Luis, Founder/Director of "12 Daily Guaranteed"
7 Oceans Trade
  NEW PLANS ADDED    Dec-19-2013 08:55:38 AM 
due to so many requests from our members we decided to add also some short plans investment packages: After 1 Day After 3 Days After 5 Days After 10 Days After 21 Days After 50 Days Hoping you will like these special plans as a nice present for this Xmas, this is how we want to greet our investors. You can check them in your back user panel. With Best Regards 7 Oceans Trade Staff
Dublin Cryptorium Ltd.
  Dublin Cryptorium Limited is developing fundamentally new methods of calculating bitcoin hashes     Dec-19-2013 08:55:09 AM 
On Wednesday, December 18, 2013 the board of directors Dublin Cryptorium Limited decided to form a new research group that will consider radical new ways of computing non-classical calculations of Bitcoin hashes. Over the past decade, researchers and developers have focused their attention on non-classical computing systems that are based on fundamentally different principles from those that have been in use for this purpose, including: home computers, mp3- players and digital clocks. The classic computer is actually a very simple machine that works with only two characters: zero and one. Mathematicians and engineers refer to these computers as "Turing Machines" which are used for calculating the Bitcoin hashes that generate income to our investors. Recent advances in physics, biology, and mathematics have enabled engineers to build computational systems that are completely different. For example, for tasks that are based on searching on certain combinations, the computer can be replaced by test tubes containing different sets of DNA – where a sequence of nucleotides can be encrypted with certain information. There has also been considerable interest in computational systems that use the living neurons of animals as a base. Like other research groups in this field, we have placed the greatest amount of hope on quantum computing. Classical computers can handle only a small portion of the required computing tasks, whereas a quantum computer can instantly formulate all possible solutions. The top 10 developers, engineers, and physicists at Dublin Cryptorium Limited are currently working on fine-tuning the application of the physics of quantum computing for the calculation of bitcoin hashes. The research program is expected to last two years. While you celebrate the holiday season with your family, quietly watching the constantly increasing your contributions, we will continue to look for ways to improve the virtual currency market. We were first in the development of a commercially viable system for mining, and are poised to make advances to those developments. By reviewing our schedules of income, you probably already understood the essence of our company. Past successes aside, we have no intention of resting on our laurels.
Pure Income
  Pure Income Christmas Holidays    Dec-18-2013 12:14:32 PM 
As you know winter holidays are coming soon. On behalf of Pure Income I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Due to those events let me inform you that Pure Income is going on vacations from December 19th till January 6th. However, as you may have noticed you can get paid even on holidays and days off with us. Therefore, throughout the holidays Pure Income will be operating in a day off regime. Although year 2013 was really challenging but successful we're sure year 2014 will be even more prosperous! Stay tuned! Best, Mark Cobe
Engineer Investments
  Only to say Hello!    Dec-8-2013 09:24:25 AM 
Here we come only to wish a very nice weekend and next week all your profits be up at moon. If you don't make your investments with us yet, what you is waiting? any doubt? Can contact us, we will have pleasure in assist you, we are anxious to work with your money. You need to know our funds backup is up $650000 now, we don't need your money same others admin, that's get the money and run (disapear). And our backup with certain will guarantee your profit if we lose on trade. Your is welcome to deposit any fund you want, make a test with $10, or try to get profits with up $2000. We guarante until june of 2014 (since our backup now is up $650000) yours profit are saved. ## Solidtrustpay still dont aprove our merchants account, we already sent the documents and our project, but we think them still want to aprove scams. But you can make a deposit using the solidtrustpay, it only dont will be process auto, we will process it manually withing 1-24 hours. The solidtrustpay withdraws still be instantly. thanks for reading. Best Regards admin
  Income Always 120 Days Online    Dec-8-2013 07:18:51 AM 
Dear investors. We're glad to report you that our ambitions program attained unprecedented heights. From the moment of start, passed 120 days, but our program remains actual and upgrowth everyday more and more. For those long 120 days we passed through many difficulties, but similarly continue to make happy our investors by timely payments. Our statistics total accounts: 4047, total deposited: $ 974,543.24, total withdraw: $ 246,371.89 High activity on different popular internet-forums talks about our success. Despite the prognosis of sceptics, today a program became the guarantor of quality and reliability for many depositors. To date, possibilities and prospects grow in geometrical progression. Thus, it is possible bravely to talk that you did a correct decision choosing us! Best Regards, Sten Schmidt IncomeAlways - Lists You First
Financial Promoter
  Quick News Financial Promoter LLC    Dec-8-2013 07:18:14 AM 
With the support of our software, we have solved the problems of storage and retrieval of PerfectMoney and Egopay. We have activated the automatic withdrawal of EgoPay and restored that on PerfectMoney. We solved the problem of delay in arrival of the emails from the site, both to us and to you. Finally, everything is working fine.
  Newsletter #2 and Representatives Program    Dec-8-2013 01:40:04 AM 
Dear members, How are you doing? Time really does fly when you're having fun. Today we celebrate our 30th day online. It has been one month since AmberShares has been announced to the public. Since then, thousand of members have been earning online. Those that have joined us since the first week have more than doubled their money by now. Later today we will process the first expired deposits of the 30 day plan, it is really worth the wait. Our performance has been exceptional, and we are definitely not slowing down. We continue to grow every day, this can be observed by looking at our statistics. We have big plans for 2014. Today we will launch our representatives program: https://ambershares.com/?a=cust&page=representatives. This is just one of the many features that we promised to reveal on the following weeks. Having representatives in different countries all over the world will help AmberShares expand further. All members can be a representative. All you need to do is send us a message at [email protected], or via support with the following information: Country, Name, Username, Email Address, and Contact Number. Being a representative has many benefits. First, representatives will have higher chances of signing up referrals and earning referral commission because their names are seen in our website. Please take note that you will earn 4% of your referrals deposit, e.g., Your referral deposits $1,000, you will earn $40 which can be withdrawn anytime. We will give incentives to representatives that have exceptional performance. Another advantage of being a representative is that they will be informed of news and updates earlier. That's all for now, we will continue to reveal more features on the following weeks. We might also have a mini-event/contest to celebrate Christmas. Thank you and have a nice day! Amy Gold AmberShares Administration
  50 Days Online    Dec-6-2013 11:24:26 AM 
First of all i would like to thank you for choosing our Company. I am very pleased to say that we already passed 50 Days of successful works. Our investing platform have a great feedback from our members so we will working as usual. You are welcome for long term cooperation. -- Best Wishes, Adam Tewty It's a more than just a forex. It's a FX-9
  Greetings from MultiPowerVentures - 12072013    Dec-6-2013 11:24:02 AM 
We are sending this e-mail newsletter today to update you of the important and significant updates on our program, MPV. MultiPowerventures.com started online on the 14th day of November of this year 2013. And during the last 3 weeks and 1 day of our existence online, we have have experienced a progressive increase in registrations and investments. We have always kept updating our advertisements and buying new spots on new websites and experimenting on which ones are effective. We have gradually increased this number each day and have also decided to add new monitors today. Kindly go to the website and click the Monitors link there on the upper left section of the page and see the new monitors on the bottom part of this page. We are also working on compiling the comments and success stories from our online and offline clients to be shown and printed on the Client Testimonials page, which should be active on the link on our webpage pretty soon. Most people think and classify our program as a short-term program, this simply means that our program offers you several plans which may seem and can be classified as short term, but this also means that you will reach profit in a fairly short amount of time. This is a good thing if you ask any investor. We have also bought a banner slot in MNO yesterday. Paul of this blog has sent us the questions and we will be answering them and they shall be posted on his blog soon. Good news! We are ranked most popular program in Allmonitors.net . And our traffic is increasing everyday. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the Live Chat section of the helpdesk section of the site. We will always try to answer all questions as accurate and quickly as possible. Thank you for reading this rather long newsletter and I hope that the time is worth it. Regards; Leo Konstantin Immanuel Zirner Administrator / Director
Trans Profit
  Trans Profit News & Updates    Dec-6-2013 02:42:06 AM 
I hope you are all having a wonderful day. The weekend is almost upon us and I’m very happy to say that Trans Profit is growing on a constant rate and things has been running pretty smooth. By next week there’s some great changes happening on Trans Profit! We will try to be more competitive with the other big programs currently running right now as well there are still many ideas to be implemented so stay tuned up because more great news coming soon! I wish you all a great weekend and enjoy your earnings from Trans Profit! Yours Truthfully, Benjamin Cooper Transprofit.biz Administrator
  FX4U.NET News!    Dec-5-2013 11:29:25 PM 
Good day to all of you FX4U investors, I'm excited to announce that we have reached a total deposit of $15,000 in our 2nd day and we already have almost 300 active accounts, 800 Facebook group users and growing. Your support to our program is staggering and I want to thank all of you for that. For those members that is not active yet, I encouraged you to do so and don't be left behind, most of our users are earning a lot daily and it will be nice if you can earn too. If you have questions, i'm always available in our FB group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/585375688183286/
  Results of six days    Dec-5-2013 03:12:53 PM 
Hello! It’s been only 6 days since the launch of British Air Cargo Ltd. investment project. During this time we have the following results: - 760 accounts were registered; - 344 active investors; - $47,200.00 invested; - $14,100.00 paid out; - listing on tens of monitors. We keep looking for those who think the same as we do and want to become our partner in development of promising cargo business. Now you have an opportunity to earn 20%-65% within a month after investment. You can study our actual investment offers in details here: Our 24-hour Clients support service is also available for you – e-mail, live chat and phone. Please feel free to use any form of communication convenient for you. Sincerely yours, British Air Cargo team
Engineer Investments
  Perfect money unblocked and enabled again.    Dec-5-2013 01:45:32 AM 
Hello dears with pleasure we inform our perfectmoney get unblocked. We thanks the Perfectmoney legal department for fast support. Them talk the system misunderstading blocked our account. Now them unblock it and all pending payments are processed. We enabled the perfect money payment option and you is welcome to deposit with perfectmoney. Thanks and sorry for any incovenience. Best Regards admin
Dublin Cryptorium Ltd.
  Dublin Cryptorium Limited. Going green!     Dec-4-2013 01:51:11 AM 
The Future—it is not only about new technologies and markets. It is inconceivable to visualize a future without renewable energy sources. Acknowledging this, Dublin Cryptorium Limited has not only developed new microprocessors (eg. The recent testing and installation of our new generation of chips), but also supports the development of renewable energy in Ireland. It is common knowledge that 95% of Ireland’s electricity is generated through peat power plants. The result is hundreds of thousands of tons of toxic peat smoke is released into the atmosphere. This smoke contains greenhouse gas emissions, toxic organics, ash particles as well as nitrogen compounds, sulfur and heavy metals. To remedy this situation the Irish Airtricity Company was founded in 1997. In an effort to capture the imagination of what could be, Airtricity built wind farms near the coastal area of the Irish Sea. These wind turbines deliver up to 200 megawatts of power. Nowadays, anyone can use the Airtricity Company to meet their energy needs—and that is exactly what we did on December 29th with eligible corporate accounts. This means that 100% of the electricity used for Bitcoin mining is generated by wind turbines. So it is fair to say that we are transforming Irish wind into money. The same wind that usually only Shakes the Barley is now the wind that is working for you. Additionally, as an experiment we placed a few dozen solar panels on our roof. This provides enough energy to power a portion of the office computers, including the computer we used to write this news. --- The above text includes a reference to the Irish film "The Wind That Shakes the Barley" and to a collection of poems, "The Wind Among the Reeds", by classic Irish poet, William Butler Yeats.
Engineer Investments
  Perfectmoney removed temporally    Dec-4-2013 01:33:13 AM 
Hello dear members, we get notice our Perfectmoney is blocked, its strange because we never get our accoount blocked. We removed the Perfectmoney option for temporally, until them resolve our problem, if in 1-2 days pm dont unblock our account, we will transfer you investment for another payment processor as egopay, okpay and bitcoin. The investment with egopay, okpay, bitcoin and litecoin works normally. We still waiting Solidtrustpay aprove our merchant request. Sorry for any incovenience, but with certain it will solved asap. thanks admin
Cold Hard Reserve
  Contest update    Dec-3-2013 03:11:31 AM 
Hi everyone, Just a quick update on the contest Looks like Eimra is leading with a massive 49 likes in one day Congratulation Eimra ! Your post can be about anything, it doesn't have to be payment proof. It can be a topic about bitcoin, or STP for example. But no spam please 2 days to go now Good luck everyone
Genius Capital Limited
  GCL launches its own Chatroom - talk with other members, earn prizes & more!    Nov-27-2013 03:02:57 PM 
Communication with our clients has been always our priority. Our customer service department works 24/7 to cater your needs. Today we have made a big step forward to promote the transparency and relationship within the GCL community. Our programmers have recently developed a real-time online chat for our customers to meet each other, share their success stories at GCL and ask questions directly to the GCL staff. Moreover, in the nearest future we plan to organize live events with attractive prizes to our customers for participating and so on. Here is a little more information about the chat itself. First off, currently it is not yet available 24/7 due to introduction period and analysis. You may locate an interactive chat button when you are logged in at the top-right corner. If the button is there, it means chat is running and feel free to take a seat as well by clicking on the button. You may sign into the chat using your Facebook or Twitter account or simply entering as a guest is also an option. Few rules though: 1) Discussion only in English language and regarding GCL project; 2) Advertising any other investment project will result into a permanent ban; 3) Be nice and friendly to other members :) To sum it up - GCL team consists of actual people (yes, not just robots and hardware, LOL) and we're willing to establish a connection with our customers and between them. Yours Sincerely, Ralph Bancroft (Director) Phone: +1 888 333 0480
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