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  NEWS Rewards Bonus | maxhourlys.com    Aug-21-2015 10:18:03 PM 
Now our site online 1 day and still paying for long term program We very happy to work with you. Now we gift special rewrads!! 1. Make New Facebook Group ( Rewards 2$ / 100 member join) 2. Post Proff In Forum/social media ( Random gift Upto 50 USD) How to Claim Reward? Sent E-mail Subject - Rewards (Username) Put your link facebook group/post proff Sent to [email protected] Best regards maxhourlys.com
Forex Been Paid
  122 Days Online! (All Error Fixed)    Aug-19-2015 07:03:22 AM 
We hope your week has been enjoyable so far. We are utterly pleased to announce ForexBeenPaid website have fixed the error that has been on our website in the past 48 Hours, and has completed 122 days online and hopefully each member of the ForexBeenPaid community have experienced a profitable ride with us. We assure you many more Years of income. It is just the beginning of the amazing adventure! We have a custom marketing strategy and a global thinking that differs from the rest of the programs. That is why ForexBeenPaid will be one of the best high yield investment program available on the market very soon. Stay with us and let us prove it! Let's grow together with us! Thank you for supporting ForexBeenPaid.
  Dear investors    Aug-19-2015 07:02:01 AM 
Hello! Dear investors! Our company IMS Group LTD have a new level of development. For convenience, and monitor the solvency of IMS Group LTD, we have added a more than 20 monitors, review them, you can at page "Rateus". Also we have added a group in Facebook, where you can view the latest news and information
World Trade Finance Ltd
  Worldtradefinance.biz - News Update!!    Aug-18-2015 12:19:02 AM 
Hello Members, We are pleased to inform you of the recent update on our After Day Plans See details Below: 130% After 1 Day Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%) Plan 1 $10.00 - $999.00 103.00 Plan 2 $1000.00 - $4999.00 104.00 Plan 3 $5000.00 - $9999.00 110.00 Plan 4 $10000.00 - $19999.00 116.00 Plan 5 $20000.00 - $25000.00 130.00 Calculate your profit >> 275% After 5 Days Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%) Plan 1 $10.00 - $999.00 117.00 Plan 2 $1000.00 - $4999.00 122.00 Plan 3 $5000.00 - $9999.00 160.00 Plan 4 $10000.00 - $19999.00 198.00 Plan 5 $20000.00 - $25000.00 275.00 Calculate your profit >> 370% After 7 Days Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%) Plan 1 $10.00 - $999.00 125.00 Plan 2 $1000.00 - $4999.00 132.00 Plan 3 $5000.00 - $9999.00 190.00 Plan 4 $10000.00 - $19999.00 248.00 Plan 5 $20000.00 - $25000.00 370.00 Calculate your profit >> 700% After 15 Days Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%) Plan 1 $10.00 - $999.00 155.00 Plan 2 $1000.00 - $4999.00 170.00 Plan 3 $5000.00 - $9999.00 302.00 Plan 4 $10000.00 - $19999.00 434.00 Plan 5 $20000.00 - $25000.00 700.00 Calculate your profit >> 1500% After 30 Days Plan Spent Amount ($) Profit (%) Plan 1 $10.00 - $999.00 220.00 Plan 2 $1000.00 - $4999.00 250.00 Plan 3 $5000.00 - $9999.00 620.00 Plan 4 $10000.00 - $19999.00 910.00 Plan 5 $20000.00 - $25000.00 1500.00 Calculate your profit >> Your sincerely,
World Trade Finance Ltd
  Worldtradefinance.biz - News Update    Aug-15-2015 12:26:55 AM 
Hello Clients, Our investment plan page has been updated! Minimum Deposit is now $10 on 102% After 1 day plan.
  120 PROFIT LTD Successfully Online 200 Days    Aug-14-2015 12:14:35 PM 
Today is a special and exciting day. 120 PROFIT LTD is sucessfully online 200 days now! Since we start, there is doubt, but time proves us is one of the best and most powerful online investment programs! For the 200 days jounery, it is not always smooth. However, our team is always trying our best to overcome these difficulties and provide the most stable and profitable plans for our members. Now we are growing fast and alexa data speak everything for us. We are now among the top 33000 websites all over the world. There is a new member join us every 5 minutes, a new instant payout every 3 minutes. The daily deposit is over $50000, and the daily withdrawal is over $20000. Now our total capital pool achieve $20 million milestone. These achievements provides the best support for 120 PROFIT LTD stability and prosperity. As usual in great days, we offer 10% deposit bonus for every external deposit made from 14th to 27th August. Just open a ticket with subject '10% bonus' to claim your bonus. It will be added to your main balance within 24 hours. Best regards, 120 PROFIT LTD
USD.BIZ - USD Business Ltd
  USD Business LTD News    Aug-14-2015 12:12:57 PM 
there are almost two month have passed since USD Business Limited offers favorable conditions for investors. Using all the possibilities of forming a successful and profitable business, long experience of searching and funding of successful startups and projects, we try to propose the best conditions for each of you. During the recent period of our active efforts to attract and increase turnaround actives, more than three thousand people have become clients of the company. Also, the growing popularity is clearly visible on the Alexa website where global traffic rank of our website is already more than 20,000. Because our clients are spread all over the world is a very topical issue of attracting of regional representatives for consultation and information help service for novice investors. Today the company has already more than 140 partners in more than 40 countries. We believe that the presence of a representative of each country in the world will greatly facilitate the process of understanding the subtleties of USD Business Limited and its investment terms as well as strengthen the credibility of the company's clients. Trust is one of the key components of our business and we are grateful to you for it. We continue to look for competent and diligent partners. If you want to become a part of our team and get the job done, then we are waiting for your requests with contact information. With more details about the requirements and the process of obtaining the representative status as well as with list of active partners, you can familiarize yourself in the "Official representatives" section: https://usd.biz/representatives.php We also want to remind about a bonus of 10$, that you can get for your short video testimonial. All you need is just to open usd.biz on your monitor, turn on the camera and share your opinions about the investment project of USD Business Limited project. We are waiting for your video as a file or YouTube link via email: [email protected] The best videos will be added to our website and thousands visitors will see them. You can attach affiliate link to your video and attract new referrals in this way. Regards, USD Business Limited Team
AmerEx Trade Ltd
Our online investment service passed 150 days! Our clients have already invested more than $200 million US dollars and withdrew nearly $82 million US dollars. We hope that you enjoy with our services and thank you for choosing to stay with us! Best regards, Harry Taylor, AMEREX Trade Limited Business Owner
High Assets
  HighAssets.com news    Aug-14-2015 12:11:28 PM 
Dear investors! The project will be shelved indefinitely. What does it mean? Stopping the accrual of payments stop, stop accepting deposits. The site at the same time continue its work, all of your accounts and deposits will be retained. All deposits will be cleared on the balance sheet at the end of their period. After defrosting the project you can make a deposit with the balance sheet and continue to derive profit. Detailed terms and conditions will be sent to you by e-mail and published on the site. On the conclusion of the site mode of freezing it will also be announced to all participants. We apologize for this situation! Expect news! Support Service will answer your questions at any time!
  Payment Proofs Feature Added    Aug-14-2015 12:09:43 PM 
We have just launched a Payments Proof feature on 4Finance.biz! This page will be updated every Friday with payment proofs of the week's working days (Monday to Friday). Please check yourself here: https://4finance.biz/payments Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department via e-mail [email protected], live chat or by phone +44 1444 39 0344 Sincerely Yours, John T. Newham (President of 4Finance Limited)
World Trade Finance Ltd
  Worldtradefinance.biz - Transactions Are Now Automatic!!    Aug-13-2015 12:41:19 AM 
Dear Clients, We are pleased to inform you that deposit and withdrawal transactions on our site using Perfect Money & Payeer are now done automatically (Instantly).
  4Finance - Call Center Opened! Call us now +44 1444 39 0344    Aug-13-2015 12:40:43 AM 
We have just opened our call center which is available upon your request 24/7! You can reach our customer service via a very special number +44 1444 39 0344 Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department via e-mail [email protected], live chat or by phone if you have any questions. You might also find it useful to read our FAQ if you have any questions: https://4finance.biz/faq Sincerely Yours, John T. Newham (President of 4Finance Limited)
  InvBasis.com Update    Aug-11-2015 07:57:30 AM 
Hello our valued members! As you can saw yesterday we add Paypal as promised before. So for now Basis IC accept all main e-currencies on the market: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin, Paypal, Skrill and Neteller. We have several questions about NixMoney. Well, NixMoney payment system is not yet popular, and there no reasons to add this processor to the program; you can use online exchangers to change your Nix to the one of accepted currencies. For Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, Payza members: Deposits with non-USD currency automatically converted to USD. We're nor an exchanger, all convertations (for ex. EUR to USD) was maded by e-currency processors current rates. More updates soon. You can ask any questions and speak with support operator online. Have a nice day with Basis Investments Capital [email protected]
World Trade Finance Ltd
  Site Now has Green Bar SSL    Aug-11-2015 07:56:49 AM 
Dear Client, We are pleased to announce to you that our site is now secured with EV SSL (Green Bar). Better things are coming!! Your sincerely, World Trade Finance Ltd (Management Team) UK Company No. 09691662 50 BROADWAY BROADWAY LONDON, WESTMINSTER LONDON ENGLAND SW1H 0RG +44 703 192 3040
  Maxizzy.Com Daily Returns    Aug-11-2015 07:55:16 AM 
Hi! We are sending this e-mail to tell you about the returns our FOREX robots made yesterday! So let the numbers speak for themselves: Daily Plan: 0.60% After Plan: 1.20% MAXI Plan: 4.81% Do you like these numbers? Invest NOW
  New design, new plans, new ArBitGO!    Jul-13-2015 01:56:57 AM 
Hello investors, members and fans of ArbitGO.com. Our unique online investment platform is growing and offering more programs and more benefits to our investors. We are now offering our program to investors from all over the world! Take a look at our new investment plans and see what ArbitGO.com has to offer you today! We now offer a wide variety of payment platforms for our investors including PerfectMoney, Payeer, OKpay, Bitcoin, Netteler and Payza (will be available within 5 business days). You’re inquisitive and we get it. If you have any questions about the effectiveness of ArbitGO, feel free to click on our live stats page and see for yourself. Our numbers are updated live and are 100% accurate. We offer 3-level affiliate programs to our members. Every member instantly receives 5% of every deposit on their referrals, 2% for the second level and 1% for the 3rd level. Referrers do not need to have an active deposit on our site to be eligible to receive the referral commission! Want to become Regional representative and earn even more on referral commission? We offer a special 8% RCB deal for deposits of all first level referrals our representatives brings to ArBitGO. We hope you like our new design, investment plans and payment processors! There are plenty more new features coming like GreenBar EV SSL protection, online support and Payza payment processor within next few days. Any you have any questions or ideas, please contact us @ [email protected] or use our contact panel.
  NorwayFinances 1 week online!    Apr-8-2015 07:13:49 AM 
Dear NorwayFinances members, We are now approaching 1 week of being online and we are pleased to inform you that the overwhelming interest in our venture has exceeded our expectations already so far. At the time of writing this newsletter we have more than 575 registered members and between them we have been able to increase our active trading balance with more than $8,800. We have set new goals and are expecting to reach these as planned. Each day more and more members earn profit and benefits from our program. We are sure our investors are satisfied with our performance and stability. Our investments results for this week were fairly stable as the oil price continued to increase and with only a few falls in prices that were quickly recovered, the results have been quite stable. Some people have been asking us how are we making money with NorwayFinances and the answer is pretty simple; we are earning more than we are offering and this excess is split into a reserve fund and our profit margin. NorwayFinances has already allowed us to increase our investment capital and assets, but our goals are much higher than where we are now. Our representatives program is being developed and we are going to launch it within coming week. We received a lot of request to integrate such promotional scheme to NorwayFinances. We have received a large amount of messages from investors telling us about their disappointing experiences with other online investment programs. We would like to reinforce that NorwayFinances is a real investment company based in Oslo, Norway. The success and expertise of our managers guarantees that there is no risk of company failures. We are doing offline business since 2005. Our communication and marketing team would like to thank you for your participation on our Facebook page and also for your commentaries about NorwayFinances on forums, blogs and monitors. In such a competitive industry, you are the ones pushing NorwayFinances a little closer to our goal of being the number one program of the industry each and every day. We are also checking and looking for an honest and reliable investment monitoring websites. In coming days, we are going to update our ratings page with more monitors. Once again, thank you for choosing NorwayFinances and being a part of this journey. Best regards, NorwayFinances team
Creative Investments
  Creative Investments Newsletter 4/8/2015    Apr-8-2015 04:58:02 AM 
Dear CreatInv members, I hope you have a good day. CreatInv LTD has successfully 128 days of being online, and we consider it to be a tremendous success. Our clients have been an integral part for this great achievement, and we thank every CreatInv user, for having made this possible. Do you remember our video presentation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftjMrCI0ntA. It has become very popular video on YouTube and it has 40k views. We are very pleased to note this fact. I am really happy! The second, new weekly forex statement is available on our website and facebook: https://creatinv.com/images/creatinv_0504.pdf Last week was very profitable for CreatInv clients and we should say thanks to traders team. Make sure to visit and like our official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CreatInv. All official newsletters sent from CreatInv LTD will be posted in the wall of our Facebook page and your user area. If you receive a newsletter appearing from us, and if you do not find it in the Facebook page/User account, you can confirm that it is not sent by us, and is a spoof. This is the most efficient and fastest way to read the latest news and updates. I request every CreatInv user to vote for us after you receive your payments, and also post your payment proofs at forums. Your support is an important part for the rising of CreatInv. So please vote for us, after you get paid, and attract your friends to be a part of CreatInv LTD. That`s all news for today, dear CreatInv members. Thanks for doing business with us. Best regards and happy investing, Martin Trey CreatInv LTD
  Today\'s Update on AsixTrust LTD    Aug-12-2014 05:09:21 AM 
Dear AsixTrust NZ Limited Valued Client, Greetings! In this newsletter we shall discuss some important points about AsixTrust growth. First, we have reach a total of 1447 members and still growing. Hopefully, we are able to keep a constant growing pace through the life of our program online. Our investment funds have increase by 45% since the last four days, These funds would be utilized by our financial managers to invest in our daily and weekly investment activity to ensure stable daily profits and long term operations of our program. Our official blog and social media pages are under construction, it would be announced was it completed and there you can find all daily updates of Asixtrust NZ Limited. For all question and inquiries you can contact our support team, we will be happy to assist you, for Email Support: [email protected] Skype Support: asixtrust.zn Phone Support: +6498893188 Be informed that all profit withdrawal requests are processed within minutes to 1hr without delays or hassles. Thank You, Public Relations Manager AsixTrust NZ Limited https://asixtrust.com Phone: +6498893188
Vlex Cooperation
  Missing deposit!    Dec-27-2013 04:21:01 AM 
Our program has some problems with SCI system, We're trying to fix it soon. If you have missing deposit,please contact us immediately via support online or support form. Regards,Pylyp Liski.
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