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Life time: 198 days (01 Dec 2018)
Minimum: 1 USD
Referral: Standart 6%-1%-1% / Representative 12%-2%-1%
Withdrawal: Manual
0 0 0 1 ($200 invested)
Last payout: No payout
Script: No data
Plans: A series of plans "Lifelong" 1-999 $ - 1.7% daily 1000-9999 $ - 2.42% daily $ 10,000-100,000 - 3.14% daily A series of plans "After" $ 50-299 - 5% per day after 15 working days (210% per month. 175% after fulfilling the plan) $ 300-1999 - 6.5% per
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No data

True-Chain is ICO based on high yield investment platform. True-chain is a social and economic system constructed on the blockchain principle. The ideas of decentralization, equality and honest distribution of riches are embodied here. True-chain will be successful, thanks to the multiplatform solution of current social and economic problems in general and the crypto industries in particular. We are ready to develop, steadily moving on the way of improvement. Become a part of something bigger - become a part of True-Chain. True-Chain team specializing in various areas and sectors, in total, capable to help firms and ordinary people to achieve the objectives, giving ready decisions for the existing problems of various areas. We know as the economy works, and we can repeat it, having improved, thanks to blockchain technology. Our team always looks for the innovative ideas and partners for creation of more effective tools, platforms and in general decisions. ADVANTAGES The biggest advantage of True-Chain is openness for self-realization of each participant, innovation and our expert support team of the project. The team is always ready to be called for and also always strategically looks at the future. The big advantage of True-Chain team is its diversity from the point of view of offices, members of the team and also communications and partnership.

True-Chain Host informations
Domain info
namecheap inc
Registered date:
13 August 2018
Expires on:
13 August 2020
Host info
dancom ltd
IP address:
SSL info
Let's Encrypt Authority X3
Issued date:
09 November 2018
Expires on:
07 February 2019