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Life time: 149 days (27 Nov 2018)
Minimum: 25 USD
Referral: 2%
Withdrawal: Manual
0 0 1 1 ($200 invested)
Last payout: 3 months ago
Script: GoldCoders - licensed
Plans: 120% after 1 day 525% after 35 days 145% after 5 days 170% after 10 days 200% after 15 days 405% after 25 days
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COINGENIC LIMITED is an online global investment company headquartered in united kingdom. Our company deals in trading of cryptocurrencies,including bitcoin,ethereum,litecoin and other altcoins. Our experienced and skilled traders work around the clock to ensure and constant income with minimal risks. we believe cryptocurrencies lift the financial system on a whole new level and therefore our primary goal is trading in best sectors of crypto market,as is bitcoin the reigning master of coins,our traders take pride in monitoring market trends and bitcoin trading through out the day.

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