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HYIP Monitor

You can find profitable investments programs and plans here.

We control several HYIP monitor for you. Every hours automatically, we collect information from the top HYIP-monitoring services.

We also offer real high RCB (refback) to our investors for all investment programs!

The   PAYING  status of the program corresponds to the top 6 monitors.
When at least one HYIP monitor has a   NOT PAYING  status, the status of this project in our HYIP monitor is likewise changed automatically.

Many programs may pay only monitors, but do not pay investors. We are truly independent and are not in any way related to any program.

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We do not own or promote any investment programs listed here. The information provided here is for your own use.
Our HYIP monitor may help you to find investment plan, but doesn't guarantee profit. Always look at hyip monitor status, hosting information and other monitor's status.
Our project is useful instrument, but isn't direct guide to invest. Some programs, investments or any listings here may be illegal depending on your country's laws.
Please keep in mind that all investments programs are highly risky. We do not recommend you to spend what you cannot afford to lose.

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